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We built a better bottle

Silicone + plant plastic Pockets for healthier families—and a healthier planet

Introducing: Pockets

Meet the newest additions to our always-growing Sprout Ware® plant plastic collection.

Made of pure, durable, squeezable materials, Pockets are a safer and healthier bottle for families and the planet—and they're a lot of fun, too.

A pocket for every age & stage

Designed to simplify life for new parents while growing to meet the evolving needs of your family.

A pumping solution

  • connects directly to several pumps 
  • wide, sturdy base for spill-free filling
  • silicone base is safe for freezer, fridge, microwave, and stovetop
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Feeding without the fuss

Simply add one of our silicone nipples to your Storage Pocket and you've got a uniquely durable, soft, and lightweight alternative to a glass baby bottle. 

Not pumping? Start with the Baby Pocket. The wide opening and sturdy base make pouring and mixing formula a cinch. Perfect for tiny hands, busy parents, and the planet.

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Squeeze healthy snacks into your little one's routine

A squishable, droppable, back-packable vehicle for smoothies, purees, and other squeezy snacks—without the waste of single-use packaging? We've got a pocket for that.

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Winner of the 2022 Loved By Parents Award

The best bottle for thirsty kids

One ultra-durable pocket + Two silicone spouts = A fresh take on our classic water- or juice- or oat milk-bottle, that supports your little one's oral development without cramping their ultra-cool style.

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Start your Pocket family

Choose a base (or two), then add accessories to grow your Pocket collection.

storage pockets
connects to many pumps
5 oz. & 8 oz.


baby pocket
5 oz & 8 oz.


food pocket
6 mo+
5 oz.


sip & straw pocket
6 mo+
8 oz.


Materials matter

Our Pockets are made from only pure materials: LFGB-certified food-safe silicone and Sprout Ware® plant plastic.

We developed Sprout Ware® plant plastic to provide a stress-free, sustainable alternative to petroleum-based products, because petroleum-based and many other plant-based plastics may contain additives or binders that can leach into food and drink—particularly high-fat liquids like breastmilk. 

Protecting the health and safety of babies, families, and the planet has always been priority one. Sprout Ware® was over ten years in the making; we think it was worth the wait.


Sprout Ware® plant-based plastic is tested to the highest global standards and made without PVC or hormone-disrupting BPA, BPS, BPF, BFDGE, NOGE, or BADGE additives.


Every new addition to the Sprout Ware® family is compatible with the products that came before—from the First Foods Feeder, to the Stainless Steel Straw Bottle, to the Glass Sip & Straw, and beyond.


Our Sprout Ware® collection utilizes natural, renewable resources to help reduce waste and the risk of microplastic pollution—for a healthier planet and a brighter future. 

Pockets full of possibilities

With the simple addition of an adapter, a food spout, or a straw, one pocket can provide years of safe, healthy food and drink as babies and families grow—without the worry of degrading plastics or fragile materials. 


silicone nipples


silicone nipples


silicone nipples


collar adapter
Sprout Ware® 


transitional drinking

silicone sippy spout
up to 6mo


silicone food spout & straw


collar adapter
Sprout Ware® 


travel & storage

travel cap & collar
Sprout Ware® 


close cap for storage
Sprout Ware® 


collar adapter
Sprout Ware® 


Designed for life

One pocket, a lifetime of uses.

Why Pockets?

For 40 years, green sprouts has had the same mantra: good for babies, good for families, and good for the planet. 

In keeping with that tradition, founder Becky Cannon had a longstanding dream of creating healthy lifestyle essentials that would fit into an always-growing library of safe, modular, accessible goods, all made from intentionally-sourced materials. 

Enter the silicone Pocket: A singularly durable container, fit to hold endless possibilities and withstand a lifetime's worth of adventures.

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